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Value Added Services

Title Search / Abstracting / Commitment typing
eData Solutions plans to increase its Value Added Service offerings in the Title Industry. One of the key areas where eData Solutions is emphasizing on is the creation and management of a Chain of Title for its clients in the United States. This clearly is the primary element in the Closing Process. We provide Current Owner, 2 Owner. The resulting cost effectiveness and process efficiency for our clients ultimately will result in improved profitability, faster turnaround time and higher accuracy. We also carry E&O insurance.
Commitment / Abstract Typing
eData Solutions prepares commitments overnight to have them ready before next day 0800 the next day. We have the ability to produce commitments for clients using Ramquest, Title Express, Softpro, Gators, Genesis, etc. eData Solutions currently produces 2,000 commitments per month and plans are underway to increase it further.
We also handle RUSHES for each service.
Indexing, Order Entry ( TAT 24 hrs / 48 hrs / 25000 docs per day, Title Search, Abstract and Commitment typing ( using Gators, Ramquest, Title express and Softpro ).