Title Plant
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Title Plant Indexing

eData Solutions provides title insurance and related information services required for settlement by the real estate and mortgage industries in the United States and international markets. From indexing to retrieval of records of title plant services, we have offered solutions to various title insurance companies across several counties in the US. We also provide title companies with access to their indexed database and to the related imaged documents in order to allow them to render an opinion as to the land title being insured.
As a leader in international real estate information services, eData Solutions provides turnkey solutions to the needs of Title Insurance Companies. Our aim is to provide a level of satisfaction that is unparalleled in the title insurance industry.
We are capable of delivering approximately 2 Million documents in a year with a guarantee of 98% accuracy. Our present delivery track record for on time delivery is 100%
  1. Annotation of Images
  2. Stapling of Documents
  3. Back Plant and Go Forward Indexing
  • Domain knowledge expertise
  • Faster development and start up
  • Onsite Project Management team
  • Cost effective with 50% savings
  • Enhanced performance 24 x 7 x 365 days
  • Capacity for 2 million documents per year
  • Processes output in multiple formats
  • Multiple delivery centers
  • Customization
Distinct Features
  1. Image Verification prior to commencement of Project
  2. Crosscheck on overlap of document due to stapling errors
  3. Out of sequence page numbers are reviewed and corrected
  4. Modular coding
  5. Cost-effective, time-efficient solutions. Using a combination of automated and manual applications, we provide data and information that enables readily accessible information, which can be searched, sorted, located, distributed, and viewed specifically or as a whole in any subject context
  6. An intelligent and interactive application to import all types of images, stapled or unstapled
  7. An intelligent and interactive application to generate output types like fixed width (comma delimited/pipe delimited), Ultima, HAL, etc.
  8. An intelligent and interactive application to select and validate Names and affiliations using name master consisting of more than 300k ethnic American names
  9. Compilation of names for ongoing project so that consistency in names is maintained
  10. Generalised proprietary coding application to encompass diverse client's requirements
    - Domain knowledge expertise over 4 years
    - Embedded Name master for Names
    - Customized Document type, Abstract name & Subdivision names
    - Feature to track changes after verification
    - Property type indicator checking
    - Abstract name and subdivision name against master file
    - High lot – Low lot validation
    - Instrument date validations
    - Validation rules varies for every document type
Training Methodology