Litigation & LOD Coding

eData Solutions is an offshore partner for corporations and law firms, delivering quality legal process outsourcing, coding, and EDD at cost-effective prices.
Corporations such as Microsoft, General Electric and Cisco Systems have found that not only does an offshore litigation service provider dramatically cut legal costs. Outsourcing to a trusted partner such as eData Solutions also helps corporate legal departments and law firms maximize their capacity so they can focus on more strategic issues.
Utilizing our state-of-the-art facilities and an employee force of over 1500+. eData Solutions is providing an industry-leading outsourcing model for legal services.
Whether your project involves contract drafting and editing, research support, or document review, each project is managed by experienced Team Members & providing full project management. eData Solutions also maintains strict confidentiality and takes extraordinary measures to ensure data security.Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider us as your partner for offshore needs:
  • eData Solutions has the infrastructure, facilities, financial independence, and manpower to quickly assemble a team with qualifications specific to your legal department’s needs
  • eData Solutions facilities and technology in India are state-of-the-art, matching or exceeding that in the U.S.
  • eData Solutions has team of 1500+ employees – all experienced in providing excellent service and a commitment to quality
  • eData Solutions has in-house Software development team to handle any of software requirement and capable of developing tools as per clients requirement
eData Solutions is recognized internationally for its offshore data capabilities. We invite you to gain a strategic advantage by partnering with us. Please call us today to schedule an investigation of eData Solutions offshore solutions for your corporate litigation needs.